Sunday, 29 July 2007

KIMM and Dave

No, it's not a new double act. The KIMM (which is actually now called the OMM) was the Karrimor International Mountain Marathon. Two days of fun navigating your way across the mountains of Britain in teams of two. It's lost it's connection to Karrimor so was recently renamed the Original Mountain Marathon.

Anyway, the Dave in the title is my old workmate and running partner Dave Stephenson (that's him in front). Living 200 miles apart we don't get to see much of each other but we do usually try and do the KIMM (sorry, the OMM) and the SLMM (Saunders Lakeland Mountain Marathon). We've signed up for this year's OMM but don't know if we'll get an entry till later in August. It takes place at the end of October. Don't know where yet as they keep the location secret to stop people casing the area.
Would you believe it but Dave has had the same 3 and 7 day heart monitor as I had, round about the same time too. I only know two people who've had this test: me and Dave. Fortunately he doesn't need a pacemaker either.
The world can be a strange place.

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