Sunday, 15 July 2007

Catching up, Canals and Pasta

Having done naff all on the running front this week I decided to make up for it today so I've had two sessions. This morning I did a couple of miles at 6 minute mile pace on the treadmill. This is part of my new strategy to get my speed up. I found the first mile reassuringly easy and even the second wasn't too bad. This has given me a mental boost as I thought it would be lot harder than it was. I can have a go at faster speeds in my intervals now.

Later on Rosie dropped off me and Phoebe dog on her way up to her mother's. We ran back along the canal (which is much more interesting than the stretch I used to run on the way to work) then round the reservoirs and back home. It was very humid and Phoebe jumped into the canal, the reservoir and then a stream on the way back. I could've fancied jumping in myself but I didn't want to encourage her. Didn't fancy catching some horrific disease either.

Canals are going to be a reoccuring theme over the next week as Rosie and I are off to Venice on Thursday (25th anniversary hols). If anyone out there has any advice on running in Venice then please drop me a comment. I reckon I need to get out very early to avoid the crowds in the twisty narrow streets. I'm also thinking of getting a boat over to the Lido as there seems to be a reasonally long road (2-3 milesish) over there. We're staying there for three days then off to Rome for another three days. Likewise, any tips for running in Rome gratefully appreciated. I somehow think I won't be getting any long runs in for a while.

Before all that we're off to Nottingham for Vicky's graduation ceremony. Anyone need a production designer for their next film? I know just where I can find one.

Ciao baby!


aquaasho said...

Oh you're probably gone already but someone once told me that you can hire someone to run around Rome with you. Try google?
Enjoy Venice and Rome, I'm a huge fan of the North of Italy.

Mick said...

Alas, I was already gone but as you'll see in my later post I found somewhere to run. Yes, I like the hilly bit of northern Italy. We flew over the Austrian / Italian Alps on the way out and the French / Swiss Alps on the way back. We could see the Mont Blanc massif and the Eiger/Monch/Jungfrau range. A lot of snow already. I thought they were clouds at first.