Tuesday, 3 July 2007

I feel good ..da da da da da da da...

Something happened during or after that long run the other Sunday as I've felt really good on my runs. I feel much lighter on my feet and have found myself having run over a hill while daydreaming about something or other and not having noticed the hill. Not like me at all.

Have just been out with the dog over the Coombe Hill area (that's the Wendover Coombe Hill, as there are several knocking around here). On the way up Coombe Hill there were hundreds of enormous white snails (50mm shells). I've been up there loads of times and have never seen them before. I've just looked them up and apparently they are Roman Snails (aka Burgundy Snails or, more descriptively, Edible Snails) which were introduced to the region by the Romans. Shame I don't fancy them as I could have got a bucketful. The Romans also introduced the glis-glis (or Edible Dormouse) to our area too. I found a dead one while out on a run a few years ago. I'd imagined dormice to be tiny things but this was the size and shape of a squirrel. Both of these creatures are rare. The snail is on the Red List of endangered species so maybe it's a good job I didn't eat them.

I went on my run just after a thunder storm and at one point there was a river running down what should have been a footpath. Paddling time.

Came back over Coombe Hill at the end of the run and didn't see a single snail. Spooky.


aquaasho said...

That's so true about the long runs, you do feel lighter and better after them. I haven't done a long run in a few weeks and am feeling it now. I think I've slowed right up!

Would you really have considered eating the snails?

Mick said...

Just think of all that glycogen you've got stored up though.

I would have eaten the snails but they are too protein rich. Only joking. I tried snails a few years ago and it was like never ending chewing gum. Frogs legs are much more edible but I wouldn't rush to try either of them again.