Monday, 2 July 2007

White Van Man, Floods and Ice

I'm getting my posts slightly out of sequence but what the heck. This weekend felt like it lasted a week. On Friday evening I picked up a hire van. I'd ordered a tranny but they gave me a bigger Merc Sprinter instead. Fine by me. I loaded up our old (recently renovated) Wendy House then took Vicky and Tom (eldest daughter and respective boyfriend) up to Nottingham where they were going to pack up Vicky's things from her flat (having just finished uni). I then went on to Doncaster (epicentre of all things flooded) to spend the night at Rosie's mums. I would've stayed at my mother's but she'd already agreed to put up Pat (Tony's best friend) who was down to help Max do some decorating. Rosie's mum's area was practically surrounded by flooded villages but managed to avoid being flooded apart from being four inches deep in rain water at one point.

On Saturday morning I went over to Max's (by circumnavigating Doncaster to avoid the floods) and erected the Wendy House in the rain. I didn't see the kid's reaction as by the time the house was finished they were too tired and had gone to bed.

By the way I would have gone to Max's via the same (closed) road that I ran along in my previous post Fartlek, Films and Nostalgia. Only problem was the three feet of water under which it was laying, about a mile from where this picture was taken. I suppose I could have swum it making a fairly unique double: swimming and running the same route.

After the Wendy House I dashed off to Nottingham to pick up Vicky, Tom and all of her baggage only to find them stuffing themselves in Subway and the flat in a complete state. This was not least because all of her flat mates had abandoned all their rubbish and not bothered to clean the flat. It took us hours to get the flat in a clean state, including me spending 90 minutes with my head in the freezer hacking the ice out of it. So, in the end we got home after 10 p.m. knackered, ruling out the soul night I'd planned to go to. I hope Vicky's flatmates had a nice Saturday (inconsiderate sods). Poor old Vicky was shattered and stressed out.

Sunday morning was spent trying to find space for all the stuff Vicky brought home. We now have at least two or three of everything including 5 clothes airers. As you may have seen in my previous post I then went for a run having had a lazy week after my big run.

July already!


aquaasho said...

Aw Mick, it's probably rare to come across considerate students. (Silly gits!) Fair play to you and your good deeds, I'm sure your family appreciated it! Sounds like it was as much of a workout as your big run! Holw is the achilles after the long run?

Mick said...

The achilles is puzzling. It's no better and no worse and appears occasionally for no apparent reason. It doesn't bother me (feels slightly bruised) so I'm just ignoring it now.