Wednesday, 1 August 2007


Only five weeks to go and my niggling right Achilles has decided to play up. After my run on Sunday it is very sore. I'm not totally convinced it is the tendon itself as that isn't tender to touch. Could be a heel spur problem or some such thing. I'm going to Interlaken next Monday for a training week so I'm desperate to get it sorted. I've got an appointment with a podiatrist on Friday to have a set of tests (gait analysis, foot pressure etc) with a view to getting some orthotic insoles made up. This will set me back well over £300 but it has to be done. It needs doing anyway as my right foot and ankle is a mess. It massively overpronates and I reckon the arch has collapsed. Hopefully that might sort it out. In the meantime I can't run, just when I was looking to step things up. I went out on the bike on Monday evening (assuming that won't aggravate the problem) so I can keep my fitness levels ticking over but I'm pretty peed off at the moment. Any chance of getting near 4:30 on the Jungfrau has gone. I'm just hoping that I make it to the start line now.


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Anonymous said...

So no need to call you now to see what you've been up to for the last few months!

If anyone can do this, it's probably you - keep it going Mick.