Monday, 2 July 2007

Happy Birthday to Me (belatedly)

Twas my 49th birthday last Thurs so I'm now in my 50th year. I hope I don't look as old as 50 year olds did when I was a kid. I certainly don't feel it.

I'm finding this age thing very surreal. Losing my dad from a heart attack when he was just 47 (and I was 19) had a profound effect on my life expectations. I treat anything over 47 as a bonus and I certainly don't bother with a pension (shock horror I hear you prudent type say). Tony didn't even make it to 47, and having done some family history research I know quite a few of our ancestors didn't get past their 40's either. If I get to retirement age I'll deal with the pension issue then, after I've finished celebrating reaching said age. Anyway, my girls will look after their old Dad. I won't need much. Just a tent in the back garden and good collection of books.

Sleep tight campers....

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aquaasho said...

Happy Birthday Mick (belatedly). I'm sure the girls will be looking after you well into your old age!