Monday, 2 July 2007

I've lost me foot pod

Somewhere in the long grass on the lower slopes of Ivinghoe Beacon lies a lonely Polar foot pod, its little green light bleeping away to itself like a cry for help. I spent a good half hour looking for it in vain yesterday. I can only assume that I didn't clip the retaining strap on properly or that the long grass I was wading through simply tore it off. Anyway, tis gone and I'm £80 the poorer for it.

For those whose lives are interesting enough never to have come across a foot pod before I'll explain what it is. It's about the size of large cigarette lighter and it clips to your laces. When in use it transmits a signal to my Polar hear rate monitor / watch which then records the speed and distance travelled. I can then download this info to my computer and see how I've done over the course of a run. Bet you all want one now.
So to find it I just need to download yesterday's run to see at what distance it disappeared then buy another one and run the same route for that same distance and voila! there it will be (within a few yards assuming I've calibrated the new one the same as the old one).
Nearly new foot pod anyone?


aquaasho said...

But a garmin forerunner 305 instead! No calibrating! ;-)

Mick said...

If only I could, but in the events I do (OMM etc) I'd get disqualified (quite rightly as they are navigation events). We got disqualified last year for not carrying our gas back to the end - a new rule which we didn't bother to read :o(