Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Coincidental Heart Club

I forgot to mention that Dave's excellent 4:04 in the 3 Peaks on Saturday was gadget assisted.
Remember the pacemaker and heart monitor episode before the 2007 Jungfrau Marathon?  Well the only other person I know to have one of these monitors was Dave and he had both the three day and seven day monitors at the same time as me.  This was completely coincidental. Well he went on to have his heart zapped to stop it beating irregularly.  That worked for a couple of years but now its back and he has had another 7 day monitor fitted.  He ran the 3 Peaks with this thing strapped to his chest.  

Talking of coincidences our race numbers in the 3 peaks were invertions of each other.  Dave was 168 and I was 891. Wierd. Also, number 666 was a guy called Wulf.  Now that can't be coincidence. 

Talking of heart monitors.  I've only recently (two years late) found out that the results from my 7 day test (back in April 2007) were fine (in so far as they don't want to fit a pacemaker).  Nice of them to let me know.

While I'm on a roll I'd just like to note that there was a handful of runners from my local club doing the 3 peaks on Saturday.  One even got onto page one of the results sheets.  Many years ago I went on a couple of training runs with the club but they weren't very good so I didn't bother joining.  They all beat me on Saturday so now they're too good so I won't bother joining!  Only joking. I may wonder down one training night if I ever get back in the UK on a week day.   

Keep on running (or at least thinking about it).

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