Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Woodentops

Just a quick plug for a couple I found out about this weekend: Dave and Eileen Woodhead.

On our way up to the start of the 3 Peaks at Horton from Bingley we came upon a tiny collapsible motorhome tilting round a roundabout. Dave said "It's the Woodentops" and went on to explain who they were.

Basically they live and breath fell running especially around Yorkshire and attend most of the events (as well as organising a few especially for kids) taking photos and posting them on their website. They run the Woodentops website from where (with their very kind permission (see their copyright statement)) I copied this picture of me.

(c)2009 Eileen Woodhead

This is either just before or just after Ribblehead Viaduct. That's Penyghent in the background. We'd just run up that then across to Ribblehead and were nearly 2 hours into the run which might explain the look on the two guys either side of me. I must say I'm looking rather cool and collected at this point. Probably very relieved that I'm not feeling as crap as I did last year as this is near where I dropped out on my first attempt.

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