Thursday, 23 April 2009

3 Peaks, 2 Attempts, 1 Runner

Those that have followed this blog in the past will know that for various reasons / excuses I DNF'd last year's 3 Peaks Race . This year I'm back for revenge.

I'm no fitter (I don't think) but I am wiser and in a new age category, M50. I also have a pair of Inov-8 Mudclaws. Not totally sure this is a good thing as while their grip is fantastic they are a questionable fit around the heels. This is apparently a common problem with them. I have to tie the laces very tight which doesn't seem to affect me but I ended up with a sore achilles after a longish (2 hour) run in them and still have it. The weather is looking a bit dodgy (wind and rain) as well. Don't mind that as long as it is clear what it's going to do. Last year it wasn't clear whether it would be bright sunshine or heavy rain at the start. As it turned out I over-dressed.

Watch this space.

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