Saturday, 23 May 2009

Woe is Me, I've Hurt my Knee

Feeling a bit cheesed off as I'm out of action after doing something to my left knee. I was hoping to springboard off the 3 Peaks and start putting some proper miles in. Maybe I should have done that before as I reckon it was the lack of miles that has done me in.

I'm suspecting the extra stress I put on my left leg after spraining my right ankle on the 3 Peaks has caused this. Post 3 Peaks it took me four days before I could actually walk again without wincing over my extremely aching legs. Once I could feel my legs again my left knee would click while I was walking. There was no pain or discomfort so I went out for a run in the Foret de Soigne near where I was staying in Terverun. Thirty minutes in and my knee was playing up. I then ran another thirty minutes back by which time I was in a bit of pain (I know, I'm stupid and should have walked but it was getting dark and I was in the middle of an enormous forest).

So, I've rested it for a week or so and I can still feel it when using stairs and it still clicks occasionally. If it's not improved by next week I suppose I'll have to go to see a specialist.



Umberto said...

Good luck Mick with your knee! I hope is nothing serious!!


Mick said...

Thanks Umberto. I'm hoping time will heal it. Once you bring the doctors in their's no escape from them.