Saturday, 28 April 2007

All wired up and no place to go

Five down and two to go. I had the monitor fitted on Monday for my seven day retest. It's not going to get any prizes as a fashion accessory. This is a slightly different model to the previous one and has a coiled wire loop around the neck. It's difficult to hide and looks like I've got a secret service wire tap so I had to wear a tie all week to hide it. The monitor and the other wire (see picture) clip on to pads stuck to the chest.

There's a button in the middle that you press if you think you're having an 'episode' and last night I accidently unclipped the monitor and in my rush to clip it back on I unintentionally pressed the button. They'll think my heart stopped beating and whip me in for a pacermaker if I don't tell them what happened! I'll be glad to see the back of it on Monday.

Anyway the running's going well still. Did the work run (7 miles out, 8 back) on Tuesday. Didn't do it on Thurs because it was the lovely Rosie's harumpty something birthday so I had to be home on time but got out for a short lunchtime run. Will try and get out with the dog today and stretch my legs for a couple of hours on the road tomorrow.


Marie said...

This is a fascinating post.

aquaasho said...

If you wore it outside the shirt would it look like a cool new MP3 player?

Mick said...

It's a bit tricky to wear outside the shirt as it's clipped to the chest. Could open a few extra shirt buttons and be a latter-day medallion man.