Saturday, 12 May 2007

Polar Test

Not, as the title might suggest, a trek across artic wastes but a relaxing 5 mins laying in bed while my heart rate monitor checks my fitness. My Polar HRM performs a test that gives the equivalent of a VO2Max reading. This gives an indication of the body's ability to use the oxygen taken in while breathing. The higher the number, the fitter you are. I have increased a whole one point to 52 in the last five weeks. While this sounds like not much of an improvement the Polar manual suggests that it will take at least six weeks to notice any difference. My maximum heart rate has also dropped two beats to 172, again an indication of improvement. As stated in my earlier post Easter Runny Bunny I'd like to get my VO2Max up to 60 by September. At the rate of 1 point every 5 weeks that'll take me beyond Christmas so maybe 55 is more realistic. Still, 52 is good for a 20 year old and off the scale for someone my age so I can still feel smug knowing that I can beat most of the ipod generation up to the top of the nearest hill. Not that that would remotely bother them of course.

Planning to go for nice long and hilly road run tomorrow. Whilst I prefer to be off road I like the consistency of road running as it lets you get into the groove, or cruise mode as I call it. That feeling of effortless cruising down the road for miles can't be beaten (well almost). It's not so easy off road due to the variation in terrain and having to negotiate stiles and gates.


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aquaasho said...

Yeah agree about the roads Mick, the mind can wander and the legs just follow. You need to concentrate when you go off road don't you.