Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Runny Bunny

Still trying to get back to where I was in February. Been out twice over the weekend, one 12k off-roader with the dog and a 19k roader today. Not sure what's going on with the legs but thighs were aching on the off-roader. Calfs were a bit sore too. Maybe it's just lack of miles recently but that's never been a problem before. Strangely enough they seem ok after today's run. I paid special attention to rehydrating today. Seems to have worked.

Wore my new road shoes (Asic Gel Kayano 13's) for the first time today. Felt pretty good.

I performed the Polar Optimiser test yesterday to check out my VO2max (or at least the Polar equivalent). It's 51 which is excellent for my age group and even good for a 20 year old (compared to Paula Radcliffe's 80). I reckon I need to try and get it near to 60 before the Jungfrau.

Will probably take the dog out on an easy run tomorrow.

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