Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Saint Jos

Not a lot to report on the running front apart from getting out for a road 7 miler on Monday to see what the old ticker could manage after the low average heart rates of the last week. Glad to say its back up to the 130's and my average speed was surprising at just short of 15kph on a hilly route. I'll be back on the canal route tomorrow to work and back.

Just picking up on the theme of watching inspirational tv while running on the treadmill (see Marathon Week posting) I can't recommend Naylor's Run too highly. For those who haven't heard of Jos Naylor he's a legendary fell runner and shepherd from Wasdale in the Lake District. Google him to find out more. Naylor's Run is a documentary of his 60th birthday run in which he ran 110 miles in a day and a half over the 60 highest Lakeland peaks. This has a combined ascent of nearly 40,000 feet (the equivalent of one and a half times up Everest from sea level. That puts the Jungfrau into perspective (more than four times longer and six times higher). Two days later he hand sheared 1000 sheep. Not bad considering the he's had two discs removed from his back and the cartiledge from his knees as a young man and the docs told him he'd never run again.
Incredible (but true).

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