Friday, 4 May 2007

Miles Out

Maybe I was a bit too enthusiastic the other week and got carried away with the miles as I'm now suffering the consequences. When I first did the canal run into work three weeks ago it took me 50 minutes. It's now taking me 53 minutes. My average heart rate on these runs has also dropped from 139 to 127. That suggests to me that I've overcooked it in the previous weeks.

In the three weeks coming back from injury I did 40km, 40km and 81km all at 7 min mile(ish) pace. Previously I hardly ever did more than 15-25 km a week (and still somehow managed sub 90 min half marathons) so this was a big step up in mileage (kilometreage?) for me. I think I need to be a bit more realistic and focus on the quality rather than the quantity.

Also, I'd stopped enjoying it. In the last twelve years at home I've not run the same route twice thanks to the plethora of paths and bridleways around us. On the work run I was running the same boring route 4 time a week.

Regarding the 7-day heart monitor. I handed it in on Monday and have not yet heard from the hospital, unlike the last time when they rang me up the day after. I reckon no news is good news.

Toodle pip.


aquaasho said...

Good luck with the monitor news Mick. Sounds like the canal run is boring you, but it's better to be getting some sort of runs in, I suppose, than nothing at all? Any chance of you finding some hills to train fro Jungfrau?

Mick said...

I live on the Chiltern escarpment so I have plenty of hills (albeit only 300m high) but unfortunately there are no hills anywhere near where I work so it's a flat run. There's also no choice on the work run as it's either streets or the canal. It's a shame because the work run kills two birds with one stone. I suppose I'll just have to go out when I get back from work.

Having said all that I think part of the reason I'm not enjoying the canal is because I'm not giving myself enough recovery time.