Monday, 14 May 2007

Rain Man

I love running in the rain, which was just as well on Sunday as it peed it down all day. As much as I like the sun you just can't beat a good run in a downpour. One of my fondest running memories is running along a lane down which water six inches deep was flowing during a storm. It was just like being a kid again splashing along while laughing my head off. The passing motorists must have thought I was mad.

Anyway, yesterday I set off for a long(ish) road run with the intention to get in as many hills as I could. I went up Aston Hill (after which Aston Martins are named as Mr Martin used to trial his cars up the hill) and through Wendover Woods. I did go off road for a mile or so but it was a fairly good surface. I didn't even get my shiny new Asic Kayano's dirty. Then it was straight up The Hale and round back via The Crong (a lot of hill roads around us have names starting with 'The'. We also have TheTwist.) After the Hale all other 'hills' looked very flat and I even managed to accelerate up them which is unusually for me. In the end I did over 21km (bang on a half marathon) in a very comfortable 1h 45min which I'm more than happy with considering the hills. The rain kept me nice and cool but I was completely soaked when I got home and was banished to the utility room to strip off. Not a pretty sight.

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aquaasho said...

Mick I love the rain too, I've done all my best races in the rain and some of my worst in the sun! My theory is that rain has a speed and a pace to it, you know the noise it makes on your head while you're running? That's why I think I move faster in the rain. That, and the obvious one of not being dehydrated of course.....