Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Ich lerne Deutsch

Well, after the inital fuss and panic from the cardiologists I've yet to hear about my seven day heart monitor. I suspect that they are trying to fit me in to their existing appointments. So, in the meantime I'm busy learning German while driving to and from work. It beats listening to the banal tripe on the radio these days. Is it me or is even Radio 4 annoying as hell, especially that John Humphrys? His permanently confrontational attitude winds me up something chronic.

Anyway, the CDs I use are excellent. They are by Michel Thomas (amazing life story). I learnt French with his CDs last year. I learnt more in an hour with them than I learnt in four years at school. Criminal!

Haven't been running since Saturday as my calves have been aching. That's what taking six weeks off running does for you. It's both my calves so I don't think it's anything to do with the recent calf strain in my left leg. I'll hopefully get out tomorrow (Wed) night.

On a more poignant and pertinent point it would have been Tony's 43rd birthday today. Indeed it is his twin brother Bob's birthday today. Happy birthday bros.

Auf Wiedersehen pet!

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aquaasho said...

Hi Mick
So sad to hear about your brother, and it's all the more poignant on his birthday. That's an incredibly tough thing for you and your family to go through.
Keep us posted on how the training is going. I'm looking forward to reading through your archives and seeing what brought you to running and to Jungfrau.