Sunday, 17 June 2007

Ramping it Up

Further to my previous post about gradients I decided to try a little experiment on the treadmill. So after a warm up I did 3 miles at 5mph on a 10% incline. It felt very comfortable to start with. My heart rate was 123 bpm once I'd settled in but it slowly but surely trended upwards over the three miles finishing at 135. At that rate I'd have been struggling after another mile as my rate approached 140. I'm fairly happy with that as it gives me something to work with over the next couple of months.

What I'm not so happy with is that I've got a slight niggle in my right achilles tendon. I can't feel it when I'm running but I can when walking. I once lost a whole years running when I tore that achilles. I don't suppose it helped that I tore it at the begining of a run, finished the run then three days later did a two-day mountain marathon on it. It was a team event so I couldn't let my partner down at the last minute. Not the best treatment though. So, I'd fancied trying a full marathon length training run today but am not going to risk it. I'm off out on the bike now instead.

On yer bike!


aquaasho said...

Are you going to get the achilles seen to?

Mick said...

I'm monitoring it at the moment. It actually felt sore on the bike yesterday but I can't feel it today. Might try a gentle run tonight to test it out. If it persists I'll be off to get it seen to.

aquaasho said...

Well done on your big corporate sponsor!

Mick said...

Thanks. It was very good of them. I think I touched a nerve somewhere with Tony's story.