Friday, 1 June 2007


Having gotten the previous post off my chest I needed to cheer myself up. Looking through my old photos I came across this one. It's me on my trusty Trek (or not so trusty as it turned out) above Les Arcs with Mont Blanc in the background. I spent a week with my friend, neighbour and foreign beer connoisseur Rod (the only man I know named after a piece of fishing equipment) as guests of Bike Village in the French Alps. I had a great time and learnt a lot about mountain biking on singletrack: namely why drag a lump of metal and rubber round a mountain when you can run it a damn sight easier and faster!? I love biking but there's a limit to what you should try and ride on and for me alpine single track is that limit. I spent ages trying not to fall off my bike down a mountainside on some of the most gorgeous running tracks imaginable.

Regarding the trusty Trek, on the day the above photo was taken the seat pillar bolt snapped. I spent the rest of the day (apart from the few seconds it took Rod to take the photo) stood up on my bike. It also gave me an excuse to take the next day off the bike and go for a long run instead :-)

Talking of running, after my long run on Monday I've only done a quick 4 miler round the golf course near the office. We move office today and apparently there's only one shower in new office for several hundred people. Should be a law against it.
Four weeks today to my birthday.


aquaasho said...

Agree about the mountain bike thing Mick, I can run up or down hills faster than I can cycle. The only time a bike is faster is on the flat and around Mont Blanc there is no such thing as flat is there?
I have two bikes, one Trek road bike and one Giant mountain bike; I've been much more impressed with the Giant. ;-)(No innuendo!)
Sounds like you had a great holiday, I'd say there was a couple of scary moments!

Mick said...

I did go arse over tit a couple of times. Camelbaks make cracking crash pillows. I loved the wider more ridable tracks. Just couldn't do with the singletrack. I like my Trek although it could do with being an inch longer in the top tube. (No innuendo there either). I'm down to three bikes now if you count the tandem. My road bike is an old Raleigh. It was top notch in its day and still looks good if a little old fashioned. But, as my dad used to say "Eddy Mercx could win the Tour de France on my bike but I couldn't win it on his." It's what's on top of the saddle that counts not what's underneath it.