Tuesday, 5 June 2007


I'm in shock having just watched a programme profiling the remaining contestants in The Apprentice. The dreaded Kate, who comes a close second to Maggie Thatcher as the first to go against the wall come the revolution, drives the same car as me (even the same colour), loves running and holds similar views to me about people who don't look after themselves. Knowing how much I rant against her while watching The Apprentice my family thought it was hilarious but I found it very scary.

So I'm selling the car, taking up bog snorkelling and eating KFC as my primary food source.

Chicken leg anyone?


aquaasho said...

I can't stand her either Mick! But this year I don't like any of them. Tray is too arrogant, the other two men don't strike me as any good. And the Irish girl wears too much fake tan! But she is my favourite! What car does Kate drive anyway?

Mick said...

She drives a silver Honda CRV. Fotunately I've just bought (but still waiting for) one of the new CRVs which looks very different.

They are all mad. I'd need more than a six figure salary to work for Sugar.

aquaasho said...

I'd work for anybody for six figures!

aquaasho said...

Did you see the final? I missed the end but caught it on the news. I really hoped the Irish girl would win but only because I knew so little about that bloke Simon. I didn't notice him at all during the preliminaries?

Mick said...

I did see the final. It's difficult to tell by watching what is an edited programme but Simon was pathetic as a team leader. He just palled up with Tre and left the rest of the team to twiddle their thumbs. The Irish girl is better off not winning. She could get £1000 a day as a freelance project manager with all that publicity.