Friday, 8 June 2007

Alles ist gut

The world seems to be getting back into some sort of order now. Kate has left The Apprentice (is she evil or what?) and I'm getting back to my running after the office move (am I a goody two shoes or what?). Did a lovely run round Wendover Woods with Phoebe dog on Monday evening. We went late and it was just us, apart from some wild animal making a right racket, in the woods. Meant to go out Wednesday but got stuck at work. Last night I took to the roads, apart from a detour hacking my way through the undergrowth because the aforementiond Crong hill was blocked off for roadworks, and did a rolling 20km run in around 90 mins. I'm finding the Chiltern hills to be too easy so I'm going to have to find another way to do my hill training. One idea doing the rounds in my head is to crank the treadmill up to 15% then committing to running 5 miles uphill at least once a week. Not quite the 12 miles uphill on the Jungfrau but it'll have to do for now.

I was in the local paper last night (local to my home town of Doncaster that is). Tony's wife Max had contacted them in response to an article on cancer. She told them about Tony and my Jungfrau run and the fact I was doing it in aid of Brain Tumour UK . Overall the article was pretty good and gave my sponsorship webpage address (no response yet though) but they named the wrong village that I grew up in. This was after detailed discussions about the right villge. Jounalists!

Just had a call in the middle of writing this from my old schoolmate Dave Harcombe who saw the article and is now sponsoring me. Cheers Dave.

Still no news from the cardiologists.

Onward and upward (my motto for the next three months).


aquaasho said...

Fame at last!

Mick said...

Who needs Big Brother to become famous when you can be in the Doncaster Free Press? I'll now be selling my autograph on eBay. Many thanks for the sponsorship Aisling. It's much appreciated.