Sunday, 21 June 2009

Knees and Oils

Six weeks in and the knee is not fully fit still. This is doubly frustrating as I'm 'between contracts' at the moment and could have really got some decent runs in. However, this morning I wnet on the treadmill to test out the knee. I could still feel it (a bit of pressure under the kneecap and the odd twinge at what I think is each end of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). This is on the outer edge of the tibia and inner edge of the femur.) but managed to complete a mile at 5 mph then 7.5 mph. It seems to have loosened things up a bit and certainly hasn't appeared to have done any damage. Hopefully have another go tomorrow.

Anyway, whilst I've been laid up I'm been persuing my attempts to learn how to paint. I'm now onto my sixth painting and have just set up a blog to share the results and my experiences. Take a look at Slapping Oil on Canvas

The next stage is to become official painter to the FRA and OMM!

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Umberto said...

Wow... Beatiful paintings! Congratulations and good luck with your knee!