Thursday, 7 August 2008

Concrete Cow Half

Apologies to anyone who's been on this blog in the last few weeks for the lack of posts. Hopefully I can make up for it a bit now. So where to begin?

Oh yes there's my pw (personal worst) in the Milton Keynes (land of roundabouts and concrete cows) half marathon. This took place on 20th July. The weather was almost perfect and the course was flat (albeit largely on paths and tracks)and I was feeling not too bad. I'd had a few weeks off what with moving to Brussels and the old head cold from the last post. The race was fairly uneventful. It's not a bad course but it does have a lot of twists and turns which prevent you getting your head down and cruising. I seemed to be going fine at what I thought was a 90 minute pace but when I got to the end the clock read 1:35. Taking off the 20 seconds or so it took for me to get to the start line that's still a sub 1:35 in my book. That keeps all of my halfs over the last 26 years between 81 and 95 minutes. Fairly consistent in the circumstances. That's ignoring the Bath Half which I ran in a leisurely 2:25 with my daughter Lucy.

Liz Yelling came second in (I think) 1:11.

So, all in all, not overly disappointed but there is room for improvement.

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