Thursday, 10 July 2008

What a Month That Was

Over a month since my last blog. Apologies for the lack of posts but I've been a busy boy but unfortunately not on the running front. In a nutshell I've been to two weddings (York and Switzerland), had a big 50th birthday party, got that job in Brussels that I mentioned in my last post. Been here three weeks now, found somewhere to live.

That somewhere is within ten minutes (running) of the very old and enormous Foret de Soignes to the south of Brussels.

I was running into it for an hour tonight and hardly made a dent. Also tonight I downloaded the Nokia sportstracker software onto my phone. This is a GPS tracking software which coupled with the Sportstracker website allows you to load your runs onto the internet. For some reason (lack of satellite visibility?) it only recorded the second half of my run but the results are impressive, especially as you can upload any photos you take on the run and it plots them on the map based on the photo's timestamp and where you were at the time. The phone was free when I upgraded with Vodafone and the sportstracker software is free. Take a look.

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Umberto said...

Hi Mick,
glad to hear you are back! This NOKIA thing seems nice!

Hope you enjoy your forest ;)

Good running,