Sunday, 8 June 2008

Hot and Cold Running

It's a glorious 26 degrees centigrade outside and I've just come down with a bad head cold. I'd planned a nice and steady long run today to finish off my preparations for the South Downs Marathon next Saturday. Instead, I'm moping around the house feeling sorry for myself. Not only do I have the run next week but I've got an interview for a new contract in Brussels on Wednesday.

Alors, c'est la vie n'est pas.


aquaasho said...

Hopefully the cold will be gone by then Mick! Keep well!

Mick said...

Thanks Aisling. I think I've managed to ward it off thankfully (touch wood). Still got a bit of a thick head but at least I can breathe properly. Just a case of Man Flu according to my darling wife ;0)

Good luck with the Aquathon tomorrow.

Umberto said...

Hei Mick how is it going? Is the cold gone? I hope you are back running :-)