Saturday, 4 August 2007

Head, shoulders, knees and toes.....

I've rested my ankle and it seems to be repairing nicely but out of the blue my left knee is giving me some jip. I woke up yesterday morning and my knee was very sore. It can't be due to running as I haven't done any (could it be due to not running?) since Sunday. It's a wierd sort of pain as it feels like my knee is in a vice. It can also disappear for a while then reappear suddenly. I'm lost as to what it is and what's causing it. I did have some similar pains back in the Winter and they never lasted long enough to bother getting them looked into. I'm hoping this will go away too.

I went to see the podiatrist yesterday too. He examined my feet, took some measurements of the pronation and did a parotec test. This consisted of putting some special insoles into my running shoes. These contained a load of pressure sensors and were wired up to a box strapped to my waist. I then had to run up and down the car park while it recorded the pressure on my feet. It appears that my left foot is actually worse than my right in term of pronation but I'm not putting much pressure on my right forefoot meaning that I don't get maximum takeoff on that side. Anyway, using those measurements and a scan of the contours of my foot he made a pair of orthotic insoles. These will stop my foot rolling over so much allowing my Achilles to slide over the heel more easily and allowing me to use more of my forefoot in moving forwards. I did a test run using them. The right heel is not fully healed as I can still feel it, the knee behaved itself while running and the insoles felt fine in my road shoes (Asics) but a bit tighter in my trail shoes (Salomons). I should really try them out a lot more before gong to Switzerland (on Monday) but I want to rest my heel a bit more and I'm not sure how my knee will react.

Really cheesed off and worried about this knee. Hope it doesn't spoil my week.

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