Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Boing ----- Spring is in the Air

Finally managed to do an evening run in t-shirt and shorts and daylight. I went from Whaley Bridge up to the Bow Stones then dropped down into Lyme Park (used as Pemberley in the BBC's production of Pride and Prejudice).

The sun was setting as I ran around The Cage, back through a herd of deer and past Moorside hotel to Whaley managing to get back before darkness fell.

All in all a lovely spring evening run. How many people just sat and watched TV programmes they didn't really enjoy and won't remember while I was out in the magnificent Derbyshire countryside? If only they knew what they were missing.


Umberto said...

Hi Mick,

sorry to bother you. You don't happen to have your training plan for the Jungfrau Marathon in electronic form? I am trying to put one together and would like to compare notes ;-)

Thanks in advance,

Mick said...

Hi Umberto. No bother at all. I don't use formal training plans. I just make sure that I'm enjoying my running during the week and do a long (around 35 - 40km)hilly run at the weekend. I never run the same route twice.

I have found the best way to improve performance is to lose weight. It makes so much difference to lose a few kilogrammes. I have no idea if you have weight to lose but if you're like the rest of us (and not a Kenyan marathon runner) then there is always a few kilos to lose.

Also, on the day keep the fluids and energy topped up. I think I put on weight during the Jungfrau marathon because I ate and drank so much at the water/food stops. I also make sure that I a recovery drink or food (60% carb's + 40% protein) immediately after a long run

So, have you entered this year? I'm seriously thinking about the Davos K78 run in July.