Sunday, 25 April 2010

Between a Rock and a Hard Face

I'll complete this later when I have all the photos that I need but for now a quick update.

I crashed out of the 3 Peaks Race yesterday by tripping on a very rocky path at the top of Whernside and smashing my face on a rock. I was airlifted out, spent a few hours in hospital and have to see a maxillofacial specialist for a suspected fractured cheek.

I massive thank you to those that helped, especially Kate my angel Irish nurse who just happened to be watching the race, the two Graham's from two different Mountain Resue Teams (I'll try and find out which one's later), the magnificent guys from the North West Air Ambulance service and last but not least my mate Dave (who I was chasing at the time) who rescued me from the hospital and put me up for the night and Angie for putting up with Dave's rescued runners (i.e. me).

If you're squeamish look away now!

That's what I call red-eye! My thigh and shoulder are very sore and grazed too.

Shame, as I was heading to knock half an hour off my last year's time.


Rebecca said...

Cool pic! (sorry, I am a nurse) Sorry your race took an unexpected turn, next year...

Mick said...

Hi Rebecca, Glad you like the photo. My eye was only bloodshot on one side yesterday but it's completely red now. You nurses are a bit strange (I know because I'm married to one!)

Next year's off for now according to my wife. Time will tell.


John said...

I will never do fell running.....road running is just so much more sensible.

I hope to see you soon mate.

John (from work)

Mick said...

Hi John,

Now you know why it's called fell running! Don't let that put you off. The pleasures of running over the hills and mountains are far greater than the inconvenience of the occasional spill.

Will Meredith said...

That is gruesome!