Monday, 7 December 2009

Healing Heels

Not one for the squeamish. The day after getting back from Wales (see previous posts) I had to go over to Liverpool to view a flat my daughter Vicky was looking at for her new job. This meant me wandering around for a few hours after work. On the train back to Manchester my heels were teeth gittingly painful. I had to wait ages for a train in Manchester and was dying to take off my shoes to releive the pain but daren't as I knew I'd not get them back on again. By the time I got back to my room in Whaley Bridge it was nearly midnight and my heels were swollen. I could hardly walk and was nearly in tears. Back in the B&B I performed minor surgery on my heels cutting away the loose and dead skin. This was the result:

Needless to say I couldn't get my shoes on the next day.

As for the black toenails, they came off a couple of days later.

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