Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Ridgeway No Way

Pictures borrowed from the excellent 'TheRacePhotographer'.

Just as I thought I was making a breakthrough I come down to earth with a bump. Expecting to knock a few minutes off my Ridgeway Run time on Sunday I went and added 3 minutes to it instead. I just had no strength on the hills and stopped on two of them (at the bottom of the first one to be honest), used both drink stations as an excuse to stop and even went behind bush for a pee as an excuse. I was so close to packing in trying and just jogging back. Felt a bit better in the second half and even pulled a dozen places back but it was too late by then. Ironically I had no problem with the knee or the calf muscles or anything else for that matter. I just felt crap.

Official image in the post.

The stats are 9.6 miles hilly off-roader, 1h 15m, 95th out of 473 finishers. (See course here) Still upper quartile but not an enjoyable run. Only just beginning to feel normal over two days later. Having a rest this week. I might go out on Thursday night.

Not sure what the explanation is other than I might have overdone it last week with four hard runs over four nights. I felt sluggish on Thursday night (having felt great up to then (see previous post)) but I thought it was because I was with the fast lads in the GV Striders. Also need to look at my diet as I'm living on Marks and Spencer's sandwiches and pasta dishes during the week living away from home as I am.

The weather was fine. Looked like it would stay cloudy with a cool breeze so I togged up in black only to have the sun come out as soon as I walked out of the door. Where's a nice green and white vest when you need one? One runner was togged up in long tights, long sleeved top, hat and scarf (he's at the back of the middle picture). I'd have died wearing that lot. I ran the mile or so to the start and felt ok. The late start (11:00) wouldn't have helped either.

Finisher's tea-shirts were OK this year. Black with and orange design on the front.

I guess I'll have to put that one down to experience. Got the OMM in a couple of weeks.

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