Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Lure of the Green and White Vests

Having just had my contract extended another three months and regularly going on the GVS training runs I felt obliged to join. I wouldn't mind but I don't like green and white kit. The last time I was a member of a running club was back in the 90's when we still lived in York and I joined Wigginton AC. Their colours were green and white: dark green shoulders, light green chest band, white bottom half. The Goyt Valley Striders is the same except there's no dark green bit. I could have joined Bingley or Tring with their nice blue and white vests but I seem to end up in Green and White. C'est la vie. Regardless of their colours they're a good mixed bunch. I enjoy my evenings out with them.

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Just as an aside, when we lived in York we were about three miles from both Wigginton and Long Marston (site of the battle of Marston Moor). We then moved 200 miles down to Tring and now live a couple of miles from Wigginton and Long Marston. How weird is that?

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