Saturday, 22 September 2007

Post Race Analysis

This is the heart rate and altitude graphs from my run in the Jungfrau Marathon. It tells quite an interesting story. You can see how slowly I was going for the first half. My heart rate was hovering around 130bpm when it should have been around 140. Quite a few of the dips in heart rate are from when I stopped at the drinks stations but those towards the end of the race are when I was held up. The point at which we came to a standstill just around the bend from the Wixi drinks station is particularly noticable. My heart rate slowed to 95bpm. How ridiculous is that during a marathon.

I've also superimposed the ascent (height adjusted to account for base height) of the Chiltern Hills where I train. Quite a difference. Even Ben Nevis would only come about 80% of the way up the graph.

I'm seriously considering doing it again next year to see what time I would get with a more focussed attempt at getting a good time. My time of 5h 8m equates to a 3h 20m normal marathon. I'd hope to do a 3h normal marathon so there's clear room for improvement.

Better start training then!

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