Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Stepping Up the Miles

Having not managed a long run in April (due to a variety of reasons) I desperately needed to get out for a few hours before the upcoming Old County Tops (37 miles and 10,000 feet over Helvellyn, Scafell and Coniston Old Man) race on 19th May.  So I planned a big loop from our house expecting it to be somewhere in the low 20s only to find out when I got home it was over 29 miles according to Run Keeper.

I can't get the map to embed so click here to see> last Sunday's run.

It was cool and wet (and slippy underfoot, especially in the latter half) so I didn't need too much in the way of fluids (I drank a litre overall) but I felt very hungry for some reason (probably due to me cutting down on the carbs recently).  Fortunately I'd taken a couple of bananas and bars but was still feeling empty over the last ten miles.  I was ready for a cup of tea and a nice hot bath by the time I got home but overall fairly pleased as I found the first 20 miles nice and comfortable (and I got to see some Shetland pony foals which were extremely cute and not much bigger than our dog.)

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