Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ridgeway Challenge Piccies

These marvellous (well they do feature me!) photos are taken from Ian J Berry's gallery at:  I can't find out how to contact Ian so I hope he doesn't mind me using them. 
Checkpoint 1

Approaching Wendover Woods near Chivery farm

Approaching Chequers

At Cadsden (after the downpour)

The lady just behind me is Sandra Bowers (friend/partner? of Ian the photographer) who went on to win the Lady's race (becoming UK Trail Running Champion (Long Distance) in the process).  The speed at which she passed me going up Whiteleaf Hill was very impressive.  Here is her blog:  I get an anonymous mention in her Ridgeway post as the local runner with walking sticks!

Somewhere on a road (near Princes Risborough?)

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Will N-B said...

Hi Mick,

Enjoy reading your blog. I am contemplating doing the Ridgeway Challenge this year and having not done it before , was hoping you could give me some advice and pointers. I am new to Ultra marathons but have run extensively just for the enjoyment of it. Any help would be hugely appreciated. I will be running it alone. Many thanks Will