Friday, 18 February 2011

High Peak Marathon Recce

Being a sucker for punishment I've somehow ended up entering the High Peak Marathon (42 miles of bogs, heather and rocks at night) as part of a four person team (with Clare, Paul and Will from Goyt Valley Striders). So, in an attempt to get a feel for what we've let ourselves in for (well me anyway, the rest have done it previously) we decided to recce the more interesting middle section of the route. Will was supposed to be with us but he opted to go to California instead. Can't imagine why.

This is the route:

This is the fly through:

And this is the video:

A grand day out. Let's hope it'll be a grand night out.


Mary Jones said...

love the video, looks like you had great fun bog snorkeling

PAUL said...

What a grand day out.
My feet are still dirty.

PAUL said...

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