Monday, 24 May 2010

Back on Track (or Snail on Trail)

After two enjoyable club runs during the week I decided to go for a long run on Sunday despite the hot forecast. In the end I did around 19 miles (~32km) on hilly trails around the Chilterns on an absolutely gorgeous spring morning. I managed to stay in shady woodland for a good part of the run but despite this I lost 7lbs (3.2kg) in weight (sweat) even after drinking 1500ml of isotonic drink. I was seriously dehydrated when I got home. Here's the route:

The face seems to be mending OK. It wasn't a problem during the run although the nerves are still numb in places.

So, all being well I'm back to where I was pre-crash. I've even managed not to put back on any weight.


JB said...

Great blog - don't live far from you and obsessed by fell running. Hope the face is not too painful!

Tom said...

Found your blog via your report on the Borrowdale OMM '08 (which I was meant to be in but injury prevented). Also live quite close to you! Seems to be a lot of it about.