Tuesday, 27 May 2008

South Downs (and Ups)

I've been and gone and entered the South Downs Marathon on June 14th (exactly 2 weeks inside my 50th birthday). That's only two and a half weeks away. It's not exactly the Jungfrau but it looks like a nice enough route. I'm not sure what the totla ascent is but it does seem to be very undulating to say the least.

Training's been steady. I've been getting out for a good run three times a week. I struggled (aka failed) to do a six minute mile on the treadmill last week which was disappointing (but it was first thing in the morning!).

My weight is slowly but surely coming down. From a high of 12st 10lbs in April I'm hovering at or below 12-7 (and have reached 12-2 after a long run). Need to get rid of that extra 7lbs over the next three weeks. That will make a difference.

Time for some intervals. What fun.


aquaasho said...

Wow I like that fly-through thingy they have, it's really good. You seem to reach the high point at mile 10.....sure it's all downhill then from there eh?!!!
Best of luck Mick!

Umberto said...

Hei Mick, a quick question. How many Km do you run per week?
And btw good luck and keep us posted!!

Mick said...

Hi my two blogging buddies. AC that fly-through thingy is great isn't it. I'm pretty sure it's a freeby on Google Earth. Every run should do one. If you look at their route guide (another Google Earth feature methinks) as well you can also choose to see the elevation (profile) of the course. It looks very undulating (aka knackering). Umberto, my mileage (kilometerage?) varies but a typical week will be something like 30-40km. Not much but I seem to get by on it. I once did a 81 minute half marathon with just 15km a week on a treadmill (fast 3 and 5 km sessions). Having said that I once did a 91 minute half marathon without any training at all for the previous three months. I couldn't walk for a week afterwards though.