Wednesday, 28 March 2007

October to February - All Hunky Dory

So having decided to do it it was time to start training. Only 11 months to go. My random once or twice a week clearly wouldn't do so I simply upped that to two or three times a week. This had the desired effect. No longer did I plod up the hills I could actually run up them. The dog was getting fit too. My resting heart rate dropped below 40 for the first time in years. I ran a couple of events an off road 5 miler in Wendover Woods followed by the Watford Half Marathon (an acceptable 1:33 for a fairly hilly course). It was clear on the hills that the old power/weight ratio was still a problem. I ran them comfortably (heart rate stayed constant) but was passed by hoards on each hill. Managed to pull a few back on the downhills (why do they slow down so much? Have they not heard of gravity?). So the next stage is simple: less weight and more power. The Berkhamstead Half was a month away. Just right to see if my plan was having any effect. If only! The next month (March) has been a complete write off.

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